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Fred Burkle [userpic]
by Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
at June 24th, 2006 (09:34 pm)

current mood: loved

Continued from here.

Fred shivered slightly as Rupert removed her soaked clothes, letting them fall to floor with wet sploshes. She tried to pull up on his shirt, but when his hands started running over her skin, she moaned, especially when he kneeled in front of her, his tongue finding her clit. With a soft cry, she grabbed his shoulders to stay upright. She was very definitely beginning to warm up, electrical sensations tingling throughout every part of her body.

"Oh, God," she whimpered when he delved back between her legs after asking what she wanted. She tugged at him, pulling him up and grasping his sweater to pull it off before reaching for his jeans to unbuckle them and push them down with his boxers.

"Want you inside me," she told him, pulling him closer to kiss him. "Against the wall. Won't be able to do that soon, so want to do it now."


Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: July 8th, 2006 01:18 am (UTC)
Me - Beautiful Smile

Fred blushed a bit when her husband touched her cheek and told her he was proud of her. "I--I didn't think I'd be able to say all that, but after seeing the way Lawrence was just sitting there, so sure of himself, I couldn't help it and before I knew it, off I went."

She smiled when he kissed her and wrapped her arms around him, glad that the most difficult part of the day was over. "Thirty minutes sounds good," she murmured, thinking that she'd much rather just sit there the rest of the day and have him rub her stomach but knowing that she needed to get make and help Martin with a few things.

She laughed, however, when he asked if she had any requests. "I don't think my stomach could take ice cream and pickles." She wrinkled her nose at the thought and prayed that she didn't have any strange cravings like that later in the pregnancy. "Now pickles and peanut butter..."

His expression at that sent her into a fit of giggles. "I'm kidding, sweetie. Maybe some chow mein from the Chinese place down the street?" she asked as they got up from their seats and headed toward the door. She gave him a kiss before they went out into the hall.

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