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Fred Burkle [userpic]
by Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
at July 28th, 2006 (11:53 pm)

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Continued from here.

Fred laughed softly when Rupert got rid of her pants and panties, getting them thoroughly soaked in the process. "I guess I will," she said before the laugh turned to a moan while he caressed her.

She was about to tell him that he should go naked as well, but before she could, he kissing her deeply and rubbing her nipples, making her weak in the knees. She could already feel her body changing because of the baby, but she knew that she'd always be beautiful to her husband, especially with the way he touched her. It made her feel warm and tingly all over, and she knew that was the luckiest woman in the whole world.

When they parted, she leaned against him, feeling him through his pants. "I think it's doing good things for you too," she told him. "Our work doesn't let us do this much. Now...let me help you out of these. They look a little uncomfortable at the moment."

Reaching down, she unzipped his pants and pushed them down along with his boxers, taking them when he stepped out of them and tossing them back onto the beach with the rest of the clothes. Her hand then caressed over him, cupping him gently.

"I don't think I've ever made love in the water on a beach before," she said with a smile before pushing him down to sit in shallow water and lowering herself down onto him.


Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: August 6th, 2006 08:32 pm (UTC)
Me - Beautiful Smile

Fred remembered how hot summers in Texas could get, especially since there was often no breeze, at least not like this. Her father had always hated having to go out and work the farm during those days, often getting up even before the sun would rise in order to take advantage of the relative cool before the temperature would start to rise.

Here, though, thanks to the ocean, the breeze made the summer day temperate and nice, and the walk to the main building was quite enjoyable. She smiled at the little girl that approached them with the basket of flowers, watching as Rupert talked to her before standing up and placing the flower in her hair. She reached up, touching the petals gently, feeling the silkiness under her fingertips.

"Thank you," she said to the girl before she disappeared. As Rupert got the car sorted out, she wondered for a moment what a little girl of their own be like. Resting her hand over her abdomen, she smiled - no doubt very smart with green eyes like her father. At least she hoped she would have green eyes.

"I'm ready," she told Rupert when he came back over to her. Together, they headed out to the car sitting outside and got in. They drove along the coast for several miles until they reached the town and found the supermarket.

After parking, they went inside and grabbed one of the carts. Fred picked up a bunch of bananas and placed them in the cart. "The fruit selection looks wonderful. Maybe we can get a whole bunch and make a fresh fruit salad while we're here. I haven't done that in a while, and the canned stuff just isn't ever as good."

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