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Rupert Giles [userpic]
by Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
at June 16th, 2006 (01:40 am)

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Continued from here

"Thank you, love," Giles said after Fred told him he looked good with a beard. "I would keep it but the board might think it's a sign of madness and use it against me." He was only half-joking and he watched Fred get out of the shower before he finished shaving. He then cleaned himself up and walked out into the bedroom.

"Did the toast and tea help?" Giles asked before he picked his clothes up off the bed. He pulled his boxers and trousers on first before putting on his shirt and tying his tie. He sat down on the bed and put his socks and shoes on while he watched his wife. "You're amazingly beautiful, Fred," he quietly said.

Once he was dressed, he pulled the jumper on and smoothed out his hair. Putting his wallet in his pocket, he kissed her cheek before picking up his bag. "I'm going to check on our delinquent puppy and warm up the car a bit. I'll meet you downstairs," he said before walking out of the room.

Giles went outside and started his car, noting his wife's car wasn't there. She had mentioned it was at the train station and decided they could pick it up after work. Once the car was started, he went inside and made sure Molly was settled with a small rawhide bone and then waited for his wife to join him.


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Posted at: June 16th, 2006 04:26 pm (UTC)
Me - Watching

Fred smiled at Rupert when he came back into the bedroom from the bathroom and nodded at his question. "It helped a lot, thank you," she said before taking a sip of her tea. When she was finished, she set the cup on the tray and set it back on the dresser, blushing when he told her she was beautiful. She glanced over at him.

"You're pretty damn handsome yourself," she whispered.

She had just pulled out a blouse and skirt from the closet when he came over and kissed her cheek, telling her he'd meet her downstairs. She nodded, and once he had left the bedroom, she went about getting dressed. Once she had her blouse, skirt and shoes on, she pulled her hair back, then made sure she had everything she needed in her bag before heading downstairs to find Rupert waiting.

"I'm ready to go," she told him as she took his arm and they headed outside. She suddenly remembered that she had left her car at the train station when they stepped out of the house. "Guess we'll need to pick up my car later. Kind of forgot about that."

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Posted at: June 17th, 2006 01:42 am (UTC)
Giles - Concerned

"We'll pick it up after work," Giles said about Fred's car. He opened up the passenger side door for her and once she was in, he carefully closed it before jogging over to his side of the car. Once he was in, Giles started to drive told the Council building. "I do hope the board doesn't mind me calling all of them in for a special meeting. If they do they can bugger off."

When they got to work, Giles took Fred's hand and went to Andrew's desk. "I have everything you requested, Mr. Giles. New security passes for Mrs. Giles and a new cell phone for you," he said, handing the things to Giles. "And the board will be ready to meet at ten this morning."

"Thank you, Andrew," Giles said before he handed the passes to Fred. He watched the younger man walk off before looking at his wife again. "Meet me down here at ten to ten so we can go up together." He turned on his new phone and retrieved the new number and gave it to Fred. "If anyone you don't know comes to your lab or calls you or sends you something, contact me right away. And don't leave with them. Security will be patrolling around the lab a lot for the next week or so - just to make sure no one's lurking about. I've spoken with Martin and he's going to look out for you too. If you can't contact me then stay close to him."

Giles then leaned forward and softly kissed Fred's forehead. "Have a good morning, love and I'll see you in a bit," he said, taking her hands but not letting her go.

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Posted at: June 17th, 2006 04:43 am (UTC)
Me - In Wonder

When they reached the Council building, Fred breathed in deeply as they walked inside. She had been looking forward to coming back, but it was still a bit strange all the same, given what had happened the last time she had been there. She was glad to see Andrew, though, and smiled when he gave Rupert her new passes, which he then handed over to her. With them in her hand, she really did feel that she was back at work.

After putting Rupert's new number in her mobile, she listened to his instructions, and her eyes opened wide for a moment, suddenly feeling like she was being chastised for what had happened a few days ago. She was about to open her mouth to tell him that she wasn't stupid when she suddenly realized why he had said it - even though Ethan had been dealt with, they had no idea whether the Council board would try again. They had already tried once, so who said they wouldn't try a second time.

"I will, I promise," she finally said. "Maybe I'll even keep some mercury and Enverenti poison nearby, just in case."

She looked up at her husband, holding his hands as they stood there. "I'll be all right," she whispered to him before leaning up to kiss him gently on the lips, not caring if anyone else saw him. "See you in a couple of hours."

Kissing her finger, she pressed them his lips again before heading to the lab to find out what had been going on while she had been gone.

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Posted at: June 17th, 2006 06:11 am (UTC)
Giles - By window

Giles watched as his wife disappeared around the corner, his stomach clenching. He wanted to follow her and make sure she was all right but Willow and Charlotte walked up to him and started to stare at him. "What?" he asked, glancing at them.

"You just look like you lost your best friend, Giles," Willow commented as Charlotte nodded.

"It's Fred's first day back and well, the last time we stood here and said goodbye she got…" He couldn't finish the sentence as his stomach clenched again. "Willow…do you think you could do some sort of spell to--"

"Protect the lab from intruders? Sure can! I'll go do it right now," she said before kissing Charlotte goodbye.

"I would be acting the same way Rupert if Willow had been kidnapped," Charlotte said as she pulled a folder out of her briefcase. "These are the security reports you wanted. Everything's there - everything I told Fred."

Giles nodded and took the folder. "Thank you, Charlotte," he said before turning toward his office. "I should…you know."

"Have a cup of tea, Rupert. I'll make you feel better," Charlotte said before walking off.

He sighed and went into his office and sat down behind his desk. The work had piled up since he hadn't been there for a few days. He called Andrew and a few moments later he had a cup of tea sitting in front of him. Giles knew the tea wasn't going to help. Only thing that was going to help was if Fred was there with him, at least then he'd know she was safe.

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Posted at: June 17th, 2006 09:51 pm (UTC)
Me - White

Fred had just managed to get herself settled at one of the workstations in the main lab when she saw Willow enter the lab and raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Hey, what's up?" she asked. "Come to help me with the laptop?"

"Well, um...actually, Giles wanted me to do an intruder spell on the lab. Just as a precaution," Willow told her, taking a stone out of her pocket and setting it on the floor near the door.

Fred shook her head and rubbed her forehead. She knew Rupert was worried, but she hoped that he wasn't going to go completely overboard with all this. It didn't mean much being back if she couldn't do her job because of all the precautions. "All right. It's not gonna mess with any of our experiments, is it?"

"Oh no. It's very....non-messy," Willow told her before chanting the spell, causing the rock to glow. "There we go. Anyone with intrudery intentions won't be able to pass through. Now...want help with the laptop?"

Once Willow and she had managed to get everything moved over and sorted out, Fred started working on the project in the main lab that she had been planning for a few weeks before all this had happened. As she went to get some things from the supply cabinets, she noticed Martin shadowing her. Figuring she was just imaginging it, she brushed it off, but when he followed her into the storage locker and then to the bathroom, she realized that when Rupert had said Martin would looking out for her, he meant it literally.

"Martin, I know Rupert meant well with what he asked you, and you know I trust you the most out of everyone in this lab, but seriously, if you don't stop breathing down my neck, I'm gonna find some of that Enverenti poison and some mercury and use it on you," she told him when she found him lurking outside her office after she went in to check her e-mail on her laptop. She then brushed past him and decided to go to Rupert's office even though it was a little early. Between Martin, the protection spell and the security patrol, she was feeling a bit closed in and it was driving her nuts.

When she reached his office, she knocked on the door and walked in, throwing her hands in the air. "Rupert, I love you more than anything, and I know you're worried about me, but you've gotta call off all the guard dogs! I feel like I can't take a step in my own lab without someone watching me, and it's driving me up a wall. Or to the wall - I haven't decided which yet! Please, I can't work if I feel like I'm suffocating."

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Giles - Concerned

Giles had spent the first hour of his morning going through paperwork and worrying about his wife. He was worrying so much that his stomach was starting to hurt and drinking tea seemed to make it worse. He supposed between the worry and drinking himself to almost death, wasn't helping matters. He was starting to think he was going to have to get something from the drugstore when there was a knock on his door.

Before he could say anything, Fred came rushing in and started to ramble about walls and love and guard dogs. "Pardon?" he asked, giving her a confused look. "Oh! Right. Well, it's, uh, well…fine, I'll tell Martin not to follow you so closely and do some work." He went to pick up the phone and saw the look Fred was giving him and pulled his hand back.

"Fine. I'll take away all the security. And while I'm at it, I'll put a sign up inviting everyone in the bloody UK to come and kidnap my wife. That'll be fun! I can worry some more because lord knows I need more worry in my life!" Giles snapped before he realized what he was saying. He took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Sorry but, damnit Fred, it's a few precautions. Can't you just work around them?"

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Posted at: June 18th, 2006 02:49 am (UTC)
Me - Pout

Fred's eyes opened wide when Rupert started ranting, crossing her arms and staring at him. "A few precautions?! Rupert, you're turning my lab into a prison! All morning, I couldn't even walk to the supply closet without Martin shadowing me, and every time the security guys come in, I could see that everyone felt like they're being scrutinized as possible criminals. I know you're worried about me, and God, I don't want to go through what happened ever again, but all of this is letting them win!"

She pointed off into the distance, not at anything particular but in a very general way. "Because they're involved in this, it's making you paranoid that every time I leave you, something's going to happen to me, and it's going to drive me to want to write on the walls again because I'm going to feel like I'm being trapped and held captive again. I don't want that! I don't want us to be living our lives scared of other people!"

She took a breath and circled around his desk, reaching out to touch his face. "We can't let them control what we do, Rupert. I love you so much, and I can't bear the thought of our life together becoming some kind of shadow of what it was because we're afraid to live. I don't want that for either of us or our child." She looked at him. "Can't we come to some kind of compromise? Like we keep the intruder spell and cameras?"

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Giles - Pissed off

Giles sat at his desk and listened to what Fred was saying. He crossed his arms too and leveled his gaze at her but didn't say a word. When she rounded his desk and touched his face, he looked down at the surface and then picked up the phone before dialing a few numbers. "This is Rupert Giles, could you tell the security officers they're no longer needed at the lab? And tell Martin he can stop following Fred around. Thank you," he said before placing the phone down and ending the call.

He then shuffled through the papers on his desk before standing. "There. It's fixed now," he said without looking at his wife. "And I'm not being paranoid because I've had this happen to me before. I left Jenny behind in the school and she died. I was in love with her, Fred and for months I could barely do anything! It was so bad that we had ghosts in the school and I automatically assumed it was Jenny because I wanted her there with me!"

Giles picked up some more folders and tucked them under his arm. "I love you so much more than I loved her, Fred! Do you even know how I felt when I went to the lab and you weren't there?! I know Ethan hurt you and I can't understand why you're acting as if this isn't an issue! Instead you say we're being paranoid! It's not paranoid, Fred, it's being safe!" he yelled. "But obviously you don't care or you think you're invincible. I can't tell. But you've gotten what you wanted. Maybe later you can take a walk through a vampire's nest and see if you can make me suffer more!"

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Posted at: June 18th, 2006 05:32 am (UTC)
Me - Wha?

"That is not fair, Rupert!" she said, the urge to slap him for that rising but instead she pushed his chest. "I know I'm not invincible! I was reminded of that every single day for five years! Every time they threatened to blow my head off with that fucking collar or when they beat me for something I did. They held me in a small room with twenty other slaves and watched our every move and made me scared that I might not ever see the next day! I risked my life to escape from there and spent the next few years worrying that I'd be caught again."

She pushed at him again, tears coming to her eyes and her voice breaking. "And then yes, Ethan put me back in that hell. But you know what kept me sane? You! Thinking about you kept me from believing it was real and from getting lost in there because I knew that you'd find me. I knew that things were different because we were together. I know what happened to Jenny was the most awful thing anyone could ever go through, but I'm not her! And I'm still here! And I'm scared about being locked away again!"

She felt her breath hitch tightly in her throat, and she breathed in sharply to try to ease it. "But I don't want you to hurt anymore either. I love you, Rupert, and you're more important to me than anything else, so if you want me to have the security detail, then put it back on. Or I'll quit if that'll make it easier. Just...just don't pull away from me again."

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Giles - In white t-shirt

Each time Fred pushed him, Giles stumbled back a bit. His anger was starting to rise and he wanted to yell at her but didn't when she said she would quit her job. Everything she'd said seem to settle and he took a step back, finally seeing what a ruddy git he was being. "Fred…" He softly said before he reached out and softly touched her cheek. "I…god, I'm sorry."

He stepped away from her and took a deep breath. "All of this is so new to me and I'm still getting used to it. No one ever stays. They see what I do, or who I was, and they run. But you see all these different layers of my life and you stay and it makes me love you even more," Giles said as he shuffled the papers in his hands. "And I know you're strong. You're the strongest person I know and I admire that more than anything. And I was being unfair."

Giles took another deep breath and rubbed his stomach. It was starting to hurt again and he silently cursed himself for abusing his body over the past few days. "You don't have to quite and the security you have now is enough. I'm sorry for fighting with you. I love you so much," he said, giving her a small smile. He felt his stomach roll and he groaned. "I have to…"

He quickly went over and picked up the trash bin, and emptied his stomach into it. He tried to make sure to be turned away from her, not wanting her to get ill too. "Sorry. I haven't felt well all morning," he quietly said.

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Me - Here

When Rupert apologized, Fred reached up to cup her hand to his when he touched her before he moved away. "After the things I saw in those five years on Pylea, there's nothing that could make me want to run from you," she told him softly. "I know how there are times where you can end up doing things you might never otherwise do, and I know how hard it is sometimes to keep going after something so bad happens that you just want to wrap yourself up in a blanket and hide and protect yourself. But when I did that, I wasn't living my life, and I don't want that to happen again, not when I have someone like you to live my life with."

She smiled softly when he said that she didn't have to quit and he was sorry. "Thank you. And I'm sorry for getting so worked up. I love you too."

Just then, he grabbed the waste basket, and she cringed, hearing him throw up into it. She forced down the queasiness that tried to roll in her own stomach and went over to him, putting her arm around him and holding him. "You should have said something," she whispered. "Come on. Screw the Board - after what they did, they can wait. I'm taking you home."

She went over to the phone on Rupert's desk and called Andrew, telling him that they were leaving, and if the Board called, to tell them that the meeting was being postponed for tomorrow. But only to tell them if they called. Then once she let Martin know that she was taking Rupert home, she hung up the phone and went back over to her husband.

"Come on. I'll drive, and once we're home, I'll make you some chicken broth and toast, and we can lie in bed for the rest of the day," she told him, leading him toward the door.

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Giles - Leaning down

"I didn't think I was going to get sick," Giles said as he sat the bin down. He was looking forward to talking to the board but he wasn't feeling well at all. "I think that's a good idea, love. The last few days…well, I think my body is punishing me for punishing it."

When they walked out and saw Andrew there, Giles smiled a bit and said, "It seems someone is parking illegally in Lawrence's parking space. Could you have security tow the vehicle away?" Andrew nodded and Giles smiled. "Thank you, Andrew. I'll see you tomorrow and hold all my calls please."

Giles reached down and took Fred's hand as they walked out of the building. He unlocked the doors of the car and handed her the keys before getting into the passenger side. He pulled the seatbelt over him and leaned against the seat. "Thank you for taking care of me even though I was nothing but a right git to you all morning," he said before taking her hand into his.

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Me - It's Worthwhile

Fred nodded when her husband remarked that it seemed his body was punishing him. She had seen all the bottles in the hotel room - he had consumed a lot of alcohol before she had arrived. Between that and having not eaten much and worrying about her, it wasn't surprising that his stomach was rebelling.

When Rupert told Andrew to have Llewellyn's car towed, Fred had to bite her lip to suppress a laugh. At least he was getting some sort of satisfaction from all this, even if he wasn't feeling well. Once they reached the car, she took the keys and slid behind the wheel, smiling over at him once he was settled. She leaned toward him when he apologized and kissed his cheek by his ear.

"You're my husband, Rupert, and I love you. Us having a fight isn't going to change my worrying about you, especially since you were worrying about me." She looked into his eyes and gave him a smile. "I will, however, be expecting an extra good apology when you're feeling better."

Pulling out of his parking space, she drove them back to their house. Her car was still at the train station but that could wait until later. Once they arrived, she wrapped her arms around him as they walked into the house, Molly running to greet them, happy they were home early.

"No jumping on Daddy, sweetie; he's not feeling well," Fred said, leaning over to pick up the puppy before she knocked Rupert over. She looked over at her husband. "Why don't you go upstairs and lie down for a bit. I'll take care of Molly and make you your broth."

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Giles - Raising Eyebrows

Giles was glad to be home. He was starting to feel woozy again in the car and his head was starting to hurt. When Fred told him to go upstairs to bed, he nodded and slowly climbed the stairs. Once in the room, he took his clothes off and climbed into his bed with only his boxers on. He just didn't have the energy to put his pajamas on.

He then got under the covers of the bed and snuggled down. Giles then picked up the remote of the telly and turned it on. There was nothing on but dramas. He found one he knew some of the Slayers watched and often chatted about. Never seeing the program before, Giles just watched it but snorted when one of the girls slapped another one and pulled her hair.

It sort of reminded him of some of the fights the younger Slayers got into, but their fights often ended in blood. He supposed it was expected with having that many teenage girls in one house. His mind then drifted to the child Fred was carrying and he wondered if it would be a boy or girl. Giles really didn't have a preference but the thought of having a girl, and then finding out she'd been chosen made his stomach hurt even more.

He turned the telly off and tossed the remote to the side. Worrying was something he needed to stop doing.

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Posted at: June 20th, 2006 02:10 am (UTC)
Me - Thinking of You

Once Rupert had gone upstairs, Fred took Molly to the back and let her out into the yard so she could do her business while she put the kettle on. She then put some bread in the toaster and took out a packet of chicken broth.

Crossing over to the back door, she leaned against the frame, starting out and rubbing her stomach absently. It had been a hell of a week, she thought with a sigh before glancing over at the calendar she had tacked up on the wall next to the refrigerator. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the date.

Just then, Molly came bounding back to the door, so she let her in and made sure that the puppy had enough water. She then set about making up two mugs of broth, then put it on a tray with the toast and took it upstairs, Molly on her heels.

She found Rupert lying in bed, his brow furrowed, so she set the tray down and knelt next to him, reaching up to rub his forehead gently. "Hey," she said softly. "While I was downstairs, I realized that it's Thanksgiving in America today, and I was just thinking how thankful I am to have you in my life."

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Posted at: June 20th, 2006 04:21 am (UTC)
Giles - Concerned

Giles was still thinking about their unborn child when Fred walked in with the tray. He eyed it for a moment, glad his stomach didn't jump or roll at the sight of food. When Fred kneeled beside him and told him what day it was, he smiled. "I'm thankful for you also, love," he said before taking his hand into hers and softly kissing her palm.

He had celebrated a few Thanksgivings in Sunnydale with Buffy and Joyce. He knew the holiday was a time for family to be together. "I'm sorry you can't be with your family right now," Giles said with a slight frown. "On a day of giving thanks, I yell at you and get sick."

His fingers ran across her still-flat stomach and something dawned on him - they had yet to tell their parents the joyous news. "Bugger!" he swear as he reached over and picked up the phone. "We should really call our parents and tell them they're going to be grandparents."

Since it was still early in the states, Giles dialed his mother's phone number. After a few rings there was a click, followed by his mother's voice. "Hello?"

"Mother? It's Rupert."

"Oh! Rupert! My father and you were just discussing you. How are things with Fred and you? How's the house?" she asked.

"Things are fine, mum. I have some news for you," he said, smiling at Fred.

"Well, out with it then."

"Fred's pregnant."

There was a long silence followed by, "About time! I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to drive over there and show you two how babies are made! When is it due?" his mother exclaimed.

Giles' cheeks flushed and he wrinkled his nose. "W-We don't know yet. We've only known for a few days and we haven't had the chance to have a doctor's appointment yet."

"No matter. I have some shopping I need to do now and--"

"Mum, you don't have to--"

"I'll be over to see the two of you in a few days. Take care of your wife, Rupert. I want my grandchild to be healthy."

"Yes, mum," he answered just as she rang off. He looked up at Fred and shook his head. "She seems happy, even though she was threatening to come over here and teach us how to make babies." He held the phone out for her. "Your turn, love."

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Posted at: June 20th, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
Me - On the Phone

"I think we needed to get it out," she told Rupert, resting her hand over his on her stomach. "I'm kinda thankful we have."

When he mentioned that they should call their parents, her eyes widened, realizing with everything else that had been happening, she hadn't even thought about. Leaning against her husband, she listened to his side of the conversation as he called and spoke to his mother. She had obviously said something as his cheek pinkened quite a bit at one point, so when he hung up, she looked at him expectantly as he told her what she had said.

"Uhhh...I'm kind of glad we were able to figure that part out on our own actually," she said, feeling her own cheeks redden a bit at the idea of his mother giving them baby-making lessons. "But at least she's happy at the news."

Taking the phone from him, she looked at the clock, figuring it was about 7 o'clock in Texas - her parents were usually up at the crack of dawn, even on holidays. So she dialed their number and waited for a few moments, smiling when she heard her father's voice answer.

"Burkle Farm."

"Dad, it's me. Happy Thanksgiving."

"Fred! Trish, grab the other phone - it's our daughter!" Roger yelled before turning his attention back to her. "Happy Thanksgiving to you too. How are you and Rupert doing?"

Fred heard a click on the line, telling her that her mother had picked up the line as well. "We're...we're good," she said, taking Rupert's hand and giving it a squeeze. "We have some news to tell you - we're having a baby."

"You're pregnant?" Trish practically squealed, the pleasure obvious in her voice.

"Yes, and before you ask, we're not exactly sure when the baby's due, but I think sometime in July. We just found out the other day."

"Oh, sweetie, that's wonderful to hear, especially on a day like today. We're seeing your aunts and uncles and cousins later, so we'll be sure to pass on your news."

Fred rolled her eyes slightly, knowing that her mother probably wouldn't talk about anything else at the family get-together. "Don't bore them all, mom."

"Oh, if your Aunt Gladys can spend all day talking about little Mikey saying one word, then your mother can talk everyone's ear off 'bout our first grandchild," her father told her.

"Speaking of which, that's my pie!" Trish exclaimed as a bell went off in the background. "Sweetie, we have loads of stuff to do before we head out, but we need to talk for a good long while sometime soon. Maybe we'll give you a call this weekend?"

Fred nodded and smiled. "That sounds good, mom. I miss you both."

"We miss you too. You take care, all three of you. Give Rupert our love."

"I will. Love you both." When she hung up, she laughed and leaned her head against Rupert. "I think my mother is happy to have news that'll keep my aunt from talking non-stop about her grandson at the family gathering today. They said to give you their love."

Looking up at him, she leaned up and gave him a kiss.

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Posted at: June 21st, 2006 12:24 am (UTC)
Giles - Happy In Turtleneck

While Fred was on the phone with her parents, Giles held her hand as he reached over to pick up one of the cups of broth. He slowly sipped it, hoping he'd be able to keep it down. Much to his happiness, he was so he tried to piece of toast, smiling at his wife's happiness.

When she finished the call, and told him how happy her parents were, he grinned. "I'm glad they are. I have a feeling our child is going to be very loved, and quite spoiled," he said just as Fred kissed him. He returned the kiss and slowly pulled away. "You should eat something, love. And maybe this evening we can go retrieve your car and stop by the bookstore and get those books we were talking about."

He reached for another piece of toast just as his mobile began to ring. Furrowing his brow, he picked it up, wondering who would be calling him, especially since he had told Andrew to hold all his calls. "Hello," he said, without looking at the caller ID.

"Rupert? It's Peter."

Giles sighed and gripped the phone tighter. "What do you want, Peter?" he asked. He didn't want to speak to anyone on the board, not even old friends.

"I wanted to assure you that I had nothing to do with what Ethan did. I just found out about it moments ago. It was all Lawrence and Travers' nephew. I wanted you to know I would never put your wife's life in danger like that," Peter said.

Giles knew he should believe him. After all, Peter had just as many problems with the Council as he did. "Well, they're going to pay for what they did," he said.

"I know. Look, the board is still going ahead with this meeting, even though you aren't here. I thought perhaps your wife and you would like to come over for dinner tomorrow night. Evelyn has been asking after you and I'm sure little Henry would like to see you again," Peter said.

Giles thought it over and agreed to have dinner with them the following night. He knew they needed all the allies they could get when dealing with the board. After he rung off, he looked over at Fred. "That was Peter. He's going to get us some information on the board and he invited us over for dinner tomorrow night so we can discuss it," he explained to her. "He's married and has a son that'll be a year old in a few months. I told him we'd come. I hope that's all right."

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Posted at: June 21st, 2006 02:07 am (UTC)
Me - Smile

"That sounds like a good idea since you seem to be feeling better," she told him before picking up her mug of broth and taking a sip. In a way, just sitting here with her husband was nicer than spending a hectic day at a family gathering, especially with her Aunt Gladys.

When the phone rang, Fred shifted and pulled her legs up under her, sipping her broth while Rupert spoke to Peter. It obviously had to do with the Board, given the way he growled about them paying. She wondered what Peter was telling him, especially since she knew Rupert had considered him a friend. Once he hung up the phone, she looked at him expectantly as he told her what Peter was doing and about the invitation.

"Of course it's all right," she told him, glad that there was someone on the Board that they could trust, considering everything that had happened. And the more they knew going in, the better they'd be able to handle the meeting when it did happen. Plus seeing how another Council family dealt with having a child would be a good experience, she felt. "It'll be really nice to meet your friends."

Once they finished their broth and the toast she had brought up, she put the tray up out of the way before snuggling up on the bed with him. "Maybe we should take a nap now - let that settle and get some rest."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: June 21st, 2006 04:43 am (UTC)
Giles - Looking at newspaper

Giles agreed with Fred's suggestion they get some sleep. It'd been rough on the both of them and rest would do them some good. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close before allowing himself to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep, hoping he'd feel more refreshed when he woke up.

A few hours later, Giles woke up, feeling better than he had earlier. Fred was still in his arms so he kissed her on the forehead and slipped out of the bed. He wanted to take a shower before they went anywhere. Padding to the bathroom, he turned the shower on and stepped inside, allowing the water to run over his body. He finally knew things were going to be all right between Fred and him, and they were going to get the happiness they deserved.

After his shower, Giles came out and put on a light jumper and a pair of jeans. He then went downstairs to retrieve the newspaper and was followed up by Molly. "No jumping on her, love. She needs her rest," he said, sitting down on the bed. He leaned against the headboard and read the paper as Molly snuggled up to Fred's sleeping form.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: June 21st, 2006 08:42 pm (UTC)
Me - Sleeping Refuge

Fred hadn't realized how tired she actually was still was until she started to wake up. The first thing she was aware of was Molly's warm body cuddled against her stomach, almost as though she was trying to help protect the baby. She then heard the rustle of paper and opened her eyes to find her husband sitting next to her in the bed, reading the paper.

Smiling, she pushed herself up onto her elbow. "Anything interesting going on in the world?" she asked. "You must be feeling better because you look tons better."

She shifted over to him and gave him a kiss. "Hmmm...you smell really good too. I like the way you smell all the time, but I love the way you smell after you've showered."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: June 22nd, 2006 01:06 am (UTC)
Giles - Happy big smile

Giles had just finished reading an article about a bunch of London teenagers who had almost gotten themselves killed after trying to build their own bomb. He was hoping Fred and his child was never that stupid. He was turning the page to look through some adverts when he felt Fred stirring on the bed.

"Nothing worth reading," Giles said, placing the newspaper to the side. He returned Fred's kiss and smiled. "I am feeling much better. Eating and having a nap did me wonders. And of course waking up with you in my arms didn't hurt either." He gave her a smile and kissed her again.

When Fred said he smelled good, Giles smiled against her lips. Molly had since left the bed so Giles moved closer to his wife. "Thank you, love," he murmured before kissing her again. He broke the kiss and gave her a cheeky grin. "Personally, I like it when I smell like you."

Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: June 22nd, 2006 03:28 am (UTC)
Me - Wide Eyed and Waiting

Fred smiled when Rupert told that he was indeed feeling better, partly because of her. Things were actually feeling like they were getting back to normal, and she knew now that everything would be fine between them. That was all she wanted - it didn't matter what the rest of the world did so long as she was with Rupert and they faced everything together.

When he pressed closer to her after she told him that she liked how he smelled, she wrapped her arm around him, her hand fingers running over his sweater. She chuckled softly when he mentioned that he liked smelling like her. She knew exactly what he meant but decided to play with him a bit.

"If you do that much, I could always let you borrow my perfume in the mornings. It's really nice, you know," she told him, grinning at his expression. She then pretended to let it sink in. "Oooooh, you mean you like smelling like me after we do things like this..."

Pulling him closer, she hooked her leg around him and kissed for several long, wonderful moments.

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: June 22nd, 2006 04:50 am (UTC)
Giles - Bloody Brilliant

Giles groaned into the kiss, feeling himself starting to stir. When he broke away from it, he looked at his wife with raised eyebrows. "You're lucky you're pregnant or I'd take you over my knee for being so cheeky," he said with a grin. "But yes, this is how we start the experience that'll make me smell like you."

Reaching over, he ran his hand over Fred's cheek before moving down to softly cup her breast through the material of her blouse. He ran his finger over her nipple, grinning when it became hard. "I think you like it when I smell like you too. Don't you love?" he whispered before softly kissing her neck.

He knew he couldn't hold out for much longer so he started to unbutton her blouse. And when it was completely open, Giles dipped his head down and started to softly kiss her soft skin. "This is all right, isn't it?" he murmured against her skin as his hand ran up her thigh and under her skirt.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: June 22nd, 2006 05:47 am (UTC)
Me - Will Be Loved

Fred laughed at Rupert's threat to have taken her over his knee, but before she could think of something to say in response, he was caressing his hand over her, making her groan. She loved the way he touched her, always seeming to know just how to do so.

"Hmmm...I like it very much. Better than a tattoo letting everyone know your mine," she told him, pressing her head back against the pillow, her body shuddering slightly at the feel of his finger and lips.

When he began undressing her and kissing her, she whimpered softly, sensations starting to run riot. "Of course it's all right," she whispered, reaching down to pull his jumper off. When she got it over his head, she ran his fingers across his torso and down into the waistband of his trousers. "Being with you makes things better than all right."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: June 22nd, 2006 06:56 am (UTC)
Giles - Amused

Giles groaned as Fred's fingers ran over his body. He was starting to get hard and he pressed his hips against her legs and groaned. "I love you," he whispered as he undid her bra. Once it was off, he leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it until it was hard.

He was moving over to the other nipple when the phone rang. Giles wanted to ignore it but it could be something important. "Sorry, love," he said, reaching over for the cordless phone. "Hello?" He listened to the other person talk and nodded. "I'll pass the message on to her."

Giles rang off and looked down at Fred before licking her nipple again. "That was the train station. Your car has been clamped and you have to pay a fine to get it out," he said before sucking the nipple into his mouth. He released it and looked up at her. "You have an hour to pay the fine or it'll sit there over the weekend since the office is closed tomorrow."

Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2006 02:48 am (UTC)
Me - Sigh

Fred groaned in disappointment when the phone rang, interrupting their moment. Sighing, she continued to run her hand over Rupert's back and only half-listened to what he was saying. She even really didn't care who was calling, so long as the call was short and they could get back to what they were doing.

When he hung up, she let out a shudder as he licked her nipple...before telling her that her car was being impounded at the train station until she paid to give it out. Closing her eyes when his mouth closed around her breast, she was about to say they'd go get once they were finished here but never had a chance as he hit her with the fact that they didn't have the time or she'd have to wait the entire weekend.

"You are an evil man!" she groaned, placing her hands on his shoulders and pushing him into a sitting position. Grabbing his sweater from where she had dropped it on the bed, she gave it to him before buttoning her blouse back up. "I guess we should go then and save it from an entire weekend in car prison."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2006 04:11 am (UTC)
Giles - Concerned

"Yes, I can be evil but you love me just the same," Giles said with a cheeky grin. He pulled his jumper on and took a few deep breaths in order to cool himself down. Going to the train station with a rather noticeable bulge in his jeans wasn't his idea of fun. He looked over at his wife, ready to say something cheeky but stopped when he remembered why her car was at the station in the first place.

"We can stop at the bookstore on the way back from car prison," he said, trying hard not to snort or laugh. He didn't want Fred to get mad at him. Instead, he picked up his keys and wallet. Molly came over to him and he shook his head. "You have to stay here." She sniffed at him and jumped on the bed to sleep.

Giles then walked over to Fred and took her hand. "I promise when we get back, you can have your way with me," he said before kissing her.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2006 10:35 pm (UTC)
Me - Pleased

"Good thing too," she said with a laugh before taking a deep breath. She really did love him, more than she thought she'd ever love anyone, which was why she hated it when there were problems or when they fought. She was glad that they had cleared the air. Ethan hadn't been able to tear them apart, and neither would anyone else.

When he mentioned stopping at the bookstore on the way back, she nodded, standing up and reaching for her bruch on the sidetable to run through her hair before they left. She then sliped her shoes back on and straightened her skirt, ready to go.

She smiled into his kiss after his took her hand. "I'm holding you to that," she murmured. They headed downstairs where she grabbed her bag from where she had left it in the front hallway, and together, they went out to Rupert's car. She hoped that they would allow her to use a credit card to bail the car out since she wasn't sure she had enough cash on her for the fine.

Leaning back against the seat, she looked over at her husband and smiled softly. An impounded car was definitely worth having him back. "I love you."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: June 24th, 2006 12:10 am (UTC)
Giles - Corner smiling

"I love you too," Giles said, leaning over to kiss her. He then pulled the car out of the driveway and started toward the station. He clicked the radio on and classical music filled the car. They drove though some of the side streets and he noticed a few stores were already adverting for Christmas.

"What do you think your parents will want for Christmas, love?" he asked. Giles knew he had to get Fred something big for Christmas but didn't know what. He figured he would think about the easy stuff first. "I don’t know if we should ship anything for them. Perhaps we can buy something from a catalogue and send it that way? Might be a bit easier."

They were always receiving catalogues in the post and he figured it wouldn't be hard to find them something. "Or is it too early to think of that?" he asked, pulling into the parking lot of the building where Fred had to pay her fine.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: June 24th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
Me - Thoughtful

Fred looked around. She knew it was Thanksgiving in the States, but at the same time, it seemed strange to think that Christmas was just around the corner. In some ways, it didn't seem like it had been a few months now since she had moved to England.

"Oh, it's definitely not too early. The postal system can be hell this time of year, so it's probably best to figure out what to get as soon as possible since we're involved two different ones," Fred told Rupert. "I've just always found it near to impossible to buy gifts for my parents." Then she thought of something. "Is it possible to buy gift certificates or something for them to use to get airplace tickets? They wanted to go to Hawaii so much, but used the money they were saving to come here instead for the wedding. It'd be nice if they could actually go."

Fred saw the train station coming into view and pointed to the parking lot where her car was sitting. She could see a big yellow clamp on the wheel and sighed. "Not only is it in car prison, but they stick it in wheel shackles!" she said with a mock sigh of disbelief.

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: June 24th, 2006 04:48 am (UTC)
Giles - Happy big smile

"I think that's a wonderful idea, love," Giles said as they pulled up to the station. When he saw her car there, he started to snicker. "They really did clamp it, didn't they?" He couldn't help but to give her a cheeky look. "Lets go inside so you can get it out of prison."

He got out of the car and jogged around to the other side to open Fred's door. Once she was out, he shut it and took his wife's hand into his. Instead of leading her inside, he took her over to the car and unlocked the door with the spare set of keys they had. With a smile, he reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a key.

"Look at that. They left the clamp key in there and," Giles pulled out two envelopes, "plane tickets? Were you planning on running away with someone, Fred? I know I've been a git as of late but leaving me for someone else? I'm hurt." He handed the tickets to her and went to unlock the clamp. Once it was off, he looked at her and smiled. "That was Andrew who called earlier and he'd already taken care of it and said the key was in the car in case we didn't make it before the office closed. Now, tell me Fred, where are you and your new boyfriend going?"

Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: June 24th, 2006 07:26 am (UTC)
Me - Hee!

Fred was about to ask if they should go and check with the station attendant about the car before going to it, but Rupert seemed to think that going to the car first was best, so she followed, waiting while he unlocked it and pulled a few things out of the glove box.

When he started talking about plane tickets, her eyes opened wide, wondering what he could be talking about. "I never...I didn't..." she stuttered, taking the ticket envelope when he handed it to her. She just stared at it. How in the world had this gotten in her car? She had never seen it before.

Then Rupert told her that Andrew had already taken care of getting her car bailed, and suddenly she knew where the tickets had come from. "Why you..." she said, shaking her head as she opened the envelope and looked at the destination. "New Zealand? We're going to New Zealand?" Then she saw the date. "For Christmas?! Oh my God, Rupert, this is the most wonderful thing anyone's ever gotten me!"

With a happy squeal, she jumped into her husband's arms and gave him a deep kiss.

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: June 24th, 2006 08:56 am (UTC)
Giles - Glee

Giles felt himself falling against Fred’s car when she jumped in his arms. She returned her kiss and when they broke apart, he took a deep breath. “We didn’t get a proper honeymoon, plus I did leave you and I wanted to give you a break from everything for Christmas. I spoke to Willow and Charlotte and they said they’d take care of Molly for us and Andrew will check on the house for us,” he said as he turned around and sat her on the hood of the car.

“I love you, Fred,” he quietly said as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m always going to love you, even when our time here is finished. You own my heart and my soul.” He leaned forward and softly kissed her. “I only want to give you, and our unborn child, the world.”

It was then that the sky opened up and a downpour of cold rain started to fall. Giles stiffened up and looked at his wife. “Lets go home. We can order the books. I’ll follow you and be careful.” He gave her one last kiss before jogging over to his car and got in.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: June 24th, 2006 09:18 pm (UTC)
Me and Giles - Heart

She smiled up at him as he told her the plans for while they were gone while they held each other. New Zealand. The two of them were finally going to have a real honeymoon.

When he sat her on the car and told her how much he loved her, she felt her throat tightening. "You own all me, Rupert," she whispered. "Heart, soul, everything. I love you more and more each day."

She wanted to kiss him again, but that was the moment it started raining, causing Fred to groan - they should have known. This was England after all, and it seemed to like to rain at the most inopportune moments. She nodded when he suggested that they order the books instead and just got home. Getting into hers, she started it and pulled out of the parking lot, watching as Rupert pulled in behind her, following her all the way back to the house.

The rain had gotten heavier by the time they got home, so when she got out of the car, she dashed for the door, fumbling for her keys while Rupert joined her. By the time she got it open and they got inside, they were both a bit soaked and cold.

"Think we need to warm up a bit now," she said, wrapping her arms around him.

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: June 24th, 2006 11:08 pm (UTC)
Giles - Happy in black shirt

Giles followed Fred home, growling a bit when the rain became heavier. When they arrived home, he ran up to the front door and walked in once Fred had it unlocked. He shivered a little just as Fred turned and kissed him deeply. "I agree but first we should get these wet clothes off you," he said once they'd broken the kiss.

He reached over and started to take her clothes off. Starting with her shirt and moved down to her panties and skirt. Once she was completely naked, he looked her over, feeling himself harden at the sight of her. "You're so beautiful, Fred," he whispered as his hands ran over her soft skin. "Now, what shall we do to make you warmer?"

Giles smirked and kneeled before her, nudging her legs apart. "I could do this," he whispered, leaning forward. He moved his tongue over her wet folds, moaning at the taste before lightly flicking her clit. "Or, I could shag you on the parlor couch or against the parlor wall, your choice love," he said before going back to licking her.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (sciencegrl_fred)
Posted at: June 25th, 2006 02:59 am (UTC)
Me and Giles - In Love

Continued here.

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